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Red Steakhouse and Bar

Housed in the heart of Denver, Red continues a star studded tradition with a nightly procession of the famous and powerful. You can trace our history pictorially throughout the restaurant where autographed photographs of athletes, politicians, movie stars, rock stars, entertainers of all kinds, and of course the diehard Red “locals” appear.

The Red "locals" are treated like family because they are, easily recognized and pampered from everyone in the establishment, beginning with owner Nathan Massafra and continuing through the restaurant staff, many of whom have worked for Red since its inception. How do you become a Red "local" you ask? Usually your second trip is enough for the staff to remember you and bring you into the family.


Choose a steak from a menu offering a variety of USDA Prime and Certified Angus Natural Beef selections that are aged a minimum of four weeks. Steaks are hand cut on the premises and dry-aged steaks are aged in our on-premise drying-room. Entrée selections beyond steak are available.


We run daily specials like Apple Cider Bacon Wrapped Scallops served grilled with hot drawn butter, Parmesan Halibut, Honey Smoked Salmon (served chilled), Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna, and even oysters on the half shell. Our innovative menu has what you need.


Prestigious and appropriately matched selection of innovative Micro-Brews and libations. It is our philosophy that celebrations and milestones are found every day and should be savored with the decadent house-crafted libations on our contemporary menu.


A waiter’s primary job is to forge relationships with the guests. It is very important that we establish a rapport with our guests and find something that they have in common. This will enable us to give amazing and more efficient service. Before you know it your family